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Diesel Particulate Filter Systems

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are systems that filter exhaust gas flow to capture solid particulate matter created as a byproduct of the internal combustion process.

DPFs have been used as pollution control devices for both on and off-road vehicles and equipment since the 1980s.

Performance Truck and Diesel is an authorized distributor of level 3+ CARB & EPA approved DPFs that combine advanced catalyst technologies with field-proven designs, providing exceptional reliability and filtration performance that either meets or exceeds the requirements of increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


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Maximum Diesel Exhaust Filtration With Minimum Hassle

Purifilter EGR is a passively-regenerating diesel particulate filter (DPF) that is compatible with a wide variety of on-highway engines. It uses the same silicon carbide filter media from our other field-proven Purifilter models and augments it with proprietary Mixed Phase Catalyst technology, an upstream diesel oxidation catalyst and highly-efficient thermal insulation. As a result, it is EPA-certified and provides CARB-verified Level 3+ performance with more than 85% PM reduction – using high-efficiency heat retention for more effective filter regeneration at reduced exhaust temperatures.

Advanced Features Provide Reliability And Simplify Installation

Due to its advanced design, Purifilter EGR offers capabilities that minimize potential failure points and unit installation time versus competitive DPFs – getting your fleet equipment back in service faster.

  • 35-80% smaller footprint than leading competitive units
  • Connections to ECMs or fuel sources are not required
  • Approved for use as a single or dual filter in horizontal or vertical installations
  • Lower external skin temperatures

All these features provide additional flexibility for system installation locations – offering owners and installers more options to improve the appearance of their DPF installation.

Modular Design Enables Quick Servicing

Purifilter EGR is self-contained, passively-regenerates and designed to last for the life of your equipment. However, should your Purifilter EGR ever require service, its modular and accessible design enables the unit to be easily disassembled and its components replaced individually – minimizing downtime.

This modular design offers significant advantages over competitive DPF units whose traditional sealed- canister designs require time-consuming removal and reinstallation of the entire unit – including connections to ECMs and fuel sources.

Leading The World In Emissions Solutions

We provide verified emissions solutions for severe-duty vehicle OEMs such as Cummins and Navistar as well as the heavy-duty aftermarket. We understand that the need to run fleets cost-effectively is universal, while each fleet’s operational requirements are unique. That’s why we offer a broad portfolio of emissions-compliant systems, designed to work with different types of applications – instead of a risky “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our turn key 4-step conversion process ensures you receive emissions-compliant solutions that optimize your fleet’s daily operations. To start your fleet down the road to compliance with our experts, please feel free to contact us or one of our authorized sales and installation partners.

Performance Truck and Diesel’s 4-Step conversion System

1. Review and outline your fleet’s emission reduction requirements

2. Monitor and evaluate your fleet’s applications and usage patterns

3. Prescribe solutions to meet emissions requirements and optimize fleet performance

4. Retrofit your fleet and provide all required warranty and compliance documentation

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